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The Power of Handwritten Letters

The Power of Handwritten LettersIn today's fast-paced digital world, where we have instant messaging and emails, the art of sending a handwritten note has become a lost tradition. However, in his AchieveNEXT Sales Minute to Win It, Ed Wallace emphasizes the power of personalized handwritten notes in building stronger relationships with customers and prospects.

Not Another Email

February is International Correspondence Writing Month. Every year, people from across the globe participate in InCoWriMo which is a fun and unique collaboration where participants are challenged to write a letter every day of the month and send it to someone, somewhere in the world. While this 10-year (and counting) tradition is geared toward individuals, the same sentiment easily translates to the business world.

How many emails do you estimate to receive in a day? The number easily reaches into the hundreds. Whether they’re emails from colleagues or clients, shipping updates, marketing outreach, or any number of other messages, the sheer number of emails is daunting, to say the least. Email is great and it certainly has its place. It is quick and efficient and gets messages anywhere in a matter of seconds. But sometimes you need something with a more personal touch. Handwritten correspondence offers that element that’s missing from impersonal emails.

Making a Personal Connection

Ed Wallace highlights in his message that less than 1% of business mail today is handwritten. What does that tell us? When you take the time to write a personalized note, it will stand out from typical communications and make a positive, lasting impression. It shows that you have made an extra effort to show your customers and prospects that they are valuable to you. 

Handwritten notes show authenticity: In a world where digital communication is prevalent, receiving a handwritten note indicates that the message is authentic and comes from a real person. It demonstrates that the writer took the time and effort to craft a personalized message rather than simply hitting the send button on a pre-written email. No two handwritten notes will be alike. Even if the words are the same, the appearance will be unique every time. And don’t worry if your handwriting isn’t the best. No one is judging your penmanship. The words and the effort mean far more than their appearance.

Taking the Extra Time is Impactful

A new client or even a colleague will appreciate a personal email to commemorate a special occasion, to thank them for meeting with you, or just to check in. But that email takes a few seconds to compose and then it’s sent and waiting in the inbox within a few moments. Writing a personalized note involves more thought and a longer process. You can choose different letterheads for different types of notes or even a personalized card. Next comes the steps of sealing it inside an envelope, addressing it, and putting it in the mail. Yes, it takes a little time, but it can be done quickly after a meeting with a prospect or customer. It does not need to be elaborate; a simple message on specialized, customized stationery or regular stationery from a store will still make an impact.

Are You Memorable or Forgettable?

By sending a handwritten note, you give your customers and prospects something tangible they can hold onto and remember. Where an email will likely be filed away or deleted and never read again, your handwritten note can be saved and reread later. And when your words are read again, those same feelings arise as they did the first time they were read. Your client or colleague can feel appreciated and acknowledged, which can go a long way in building a long-lasting relationship.

Do you remember running to the mailbox as a child to see if there was anything in it addressed to you? Do you remember how you felt when you saw your name on an envelope or a package? Just because you’re grown now and a business professional doesn’t mean that those feelings have to go away. It’s still exciting to receive unexpected mail, especially when it’s a personal note.

In a world where we are bombarded with digital communications, a handwritten note offers a refreshing change. It is a unique and personal touch that can significantly impact your business relationships. As Wallace points out, your customers and prospects will be so pleasantly surprised that they will certainly remember it. Receiving a handwritten note can create an emotional connection between the sender and the recipient. Holding a note and reading the message can trigger positive emotions, such as gratitude or happiness, which can strengthen the relationship between the sender and the recipient.

The power of a handwritten note cannot be underestimated. It is a simple yet powerful gesture that can help you build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects. By taking the extra effort to write a personalized note, you show that you value them and appreciate their business. So, take out your pen and paper, and start writing those notes!

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