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AchieveNEXT Appoints New Director of Learning & Analytics to Drive Innovation in Human Capital Strategy

AchieveNEXT is pleased to announce the appointment of Misty Law Flurry as the inaugural Director of Learning & Analytics. This newly created position reflects AchieveNext's commitment to advancing its analytics capabilities and ensuring clients harness the full potential of their human capital.

In this key role, Misty will spearhead AchieveNEXT's overall analytics strategy, overseeing the integration of cutting-edge data science techniques and learning and development initiatives. With a focus on aligning human capital and financial performance data, Misty will empower clients at every level – from individuals undergoing coaching to teams undergoing training and entire workforces undergoing development – to capture, utilize, and align their data with organizational goals.

Misty brings a wealth of experience and versatile skills to AchieveNEXT. Her expertise in data science, combined with a deep understanding of Learning and Development, uniquely positions AchieveNEXT to offer comprehensive solutions that drive tangible results for clients. The ability to tie data insights to top-line, bottom-line, and shareholder value performance will enable AchieveNEXT's clients to make informed decisions and maximize the impact of their efforts on overall organizational success.

We're excited to see Misty flourish in this role!

About AchieveNEXT: 

AchieveNEXT specializes in relationship-based talent development programs that drive employee engagement, revenue generation, and team effectiveness goals. These solutions include Business Relationship Training, Leadership & Manager Development Programs, Executive & Career Coaching, and Talent & Workforce Planning Solutions, focusing on creating a measurable impact on its clients. With a mission to empower individuals, teams, and enterprises to achieve their full potential, AchieveNEXT provides customized business performance solutions and strategic insights that drive personal and organizational growth.

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